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Saturday …

November 14, 2015

Six weeks into absence from work; the pain is now manageable and the mood is better. I cannot attribute one thing to this improvement, but it has not been without considerable effort.  It would have been easy to succumb to the original medical advice and taken prescribed drugs and to be honest I was keen to be pain free. Little did I know these so called medicines where harmful even in the short term, addictive and were not guaranteed as a long term cure!

I am pleased that although I am not yet drug free or even pain free; I am in control (ish) and out of the woods.

Today, I celebrate with a car journey to Essex not a million miles away but will require some sitting which still remains painful. However, I have a contingency plan and remain hopeful.

Today I send messages to those who journey today and thank those who have made it possible for me to enjoy a bit of normality …

A week or so back I planted some lily of the valley tubers … I would like to draw them but without a live image I am at a loss. But the result sketched while grizzling in my gloom a day or so back is pleasing.

2015-11-14 08.57.01

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