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Monday ….

November 9, 2015

2015-11-07 15.02.04It is Monday, when usually I can reflect on the previous week and maintain some hope and good spirit, but today it seems this is not likely.

Last week, while struggling to get a balance in the management of back pain, I increased the levels of acupuncture, began physiotherapy and osteo manipulation; so for three days I was pushed, pulled and pierced with needles.  So it was not surprising to find on Saturday I was feeling a little out of sorts and still in pain.

I have also wrestled with some sort of eating pattern and more important to sleep. By Saturday the latter was beginning to a cause a problem with my drug taking. After only 4-6 hour sleep a night for weeks, I have 18 hours or more to keep pain free! this is not a joke …. the pain is at times ghastly.  As a result on Saturday, at 5.30 pm, in a situation where I am inconsolable and at risk of ‘overdosing’ on the phone to 111, working out ways in which it get some relief; before I can sleep and begin the routine again.

I have over the last few weeks been in contact with the Out of Hours service … mostly me, supine, crying and stricken in pain; they or rather Dr Ahmed on Saturday, kind and supportive; working out ways which I can get through the next 4 or so hours … without considering an OD or using more harmful drugs.  

So after careful thought I was offered a little, weird but happy mix; a cream of capsicum to warm and relax the painful muscle, and, just in case, the heat is a little more intense than the pain in supposed to ease, an analgesic, that is not quite so invasive but still without harmful side effects or risky when close to an overdose situation; as an Ibrufon gel might be. Also a herbal sleeping tablet … joy!
So the next few days will be spent getting well; eating, sleeping and nursing my poor back with love.


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