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November 2, 2015

As the days turn to weeks, and now a month it seems my life is going down a different road. A way of painkillers, obtaining a sick note. doctors, osteopath, acupuncturist, and physiotherapists.   I am away from my place of work, where, of course,  there too are constraints that curtail my dreams and hopes. But work is ok!  there are distractions and a sharing of the load; I know where I would rather be.  The day ahead walking the boards will be tedious to get blood to the contracted muscles is therapeutic, while lying, sitting and standing are a no-no and painful. 

I wallow in self pity and without shame. and I did win an award at the weekend, getting to and from the exhibition was not without much help and on one occasion I was in my PJ ‘s when the job was done I got back into bed. It was well organised I was not required to stay. I went on to sell a painting. and get accepted as an associate of a local gallery

So the week ahead looks bleak but with a happy memory I have hope.

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