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This weekend …

October 19, 2015

This weekend was to be decision making time. I  began wood engraving as a progression from my beginnings with cutting into pencil erasers. This with hindsight was not perhaps for me a natural progression. Wood engraving is a fine art, steeped in tradition and discipline. During this time I began lino cutting and that seemed more suited to my now developing, more sophisticated style.  

While, I enjoyed my 6 monthly workshops and the occasional opportunity to exhibit and sell some pieces I still find the the wood engraving style a little uncomfortable.

So this weekend with Kate Dicker was a time when I should think seriously about my continued practice or not.

Sadly, my painful back issues of the moment didn’t make it easier.  However, as I am no longer a beginner I am in a position to disregard  the preliminary stuff that is vital when learning. It soon becomes second nature and we can learn how much or little we need.  In a beginner’s class this is a stressful time and best overlooked (for me) if at all possible.

With all my printmaking, I begin with an object and often hours of drawing until I am ready to draw straight on to the plate. When the ‘drawing’ begins but in reverse like a reduction print each mark is carefully considered.  

Sounds like a plan … but two or three hours in, I was still feeling vulnerable, afraid of the tiny piece of wood and the uncontrollable need to ask ‘teacher’ to find assurance. This is a mistake, plan already gone, lost,  was my trust in ‘my’ teacher instinct, disappeared was my devotion and love for my production … I sought ‘outsider’ reassurance.  

So, Sunday morning, I began again; breathing, mark making, proofing, loving and centring … smiling as decision’s made.  


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