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Friday’s Library Snapshot … of Joan Hassall.

October 16, 2015

Still absent from work with sadness; but looking forward to returning meanwhile a reblog …

Coat Hanger Doll's House

The wood engravings of Joan Hassall with introduction by Ruari Maclean 

I came across this little book in a the Mark Longman Library; which is an Aladdin’s Cave of jewels from 1900 -1980 that never ceases to delight me. As with other collections, if I don’t see something immediately, it will point me to something else.

For instance, last week I posted a piece about the Two Rivers Press’s translation of  the Drunken Boat by Arthur Rimbaud. I was reminded of a translation by Samuel Beckett.  This is without images so not as  graphically pleasing for me. However, it was published here at the University of Reading in the Typography department and typographically most attractive and complementary to the my first choice.

You will see later that  Joan Hassall does not stand alone for me in the collection (s).

Joan Hassall (1906-1988) was  widely known as one of the…

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