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Last week …

October 12, 2015

Last week I was on annual leave; but sadly I have been unwell with Sciatica. The pain began while at work about 10 days ago, thinking it was a pulled muscle. However, this was not the case and before long I was taking a cocktail of painkilling tablets some with horrible side effects.  So what was planned to be a happy holiday became nightmare. This is not an expression I use lightly I am generally a fit lady and enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to be taking such intrusive remedies has been alien to me.

During some time of less pain I was able to organise some work for an exhibition yesterday.  It proved to be a little surreal, while I wandered about in a haze of drugs, throw up, and even returned home for an hour to sleep and top up on some pain relief … I managed to sell a piece although that has to be confirmed, I was pleased that the event happened. But not without support of those who made way for me to have clear run to the bathroom when the need arose.

So back to the GP this morning knowing that these drastic methods of pain control cannot continue, not because of the side effects although they are ghastly but more because they are addictive.  So although I must begin weaning myself off during the next few days and am happily looking forward to returning to my gentler and less obtrusive methods to keep well.

2015-10-11 14.09.37

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