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Friday’s snapshot from my library …

September 18, 2015

This week I have been on annual leave; so called because it is not holiday.  I am  old school, thinking, that there is work and there is holiday.  We go to work to earn enough money and we go on holiday to have a rest and recharge our batteries! What is annual leave? A time to catch up on those things left undone since  the last ‘annual leave’

So this week I have split my time religiously between household chores (the left undone) and spent a good amount of time on my art work. A good plan that almost succeeded; the house is cleaner, less cluttered and sparkles.

The art not so! I have been working on a project and this recent lino cut is doomed to fail. It is a reduction print that might have worked if I had not cut the background too early and then to late to put it  back; thus not being a reduction print more suicidal (This is another name for reduction print; I felt was rather too strong until now!)

I will carry on to finish it but I have rather lost the enthusiasm …

So as a small distraction I look to the work of Edward Bawden the master printmaker … who never failed to impress! He knew about backgrounds! 

With some lithographs from 1949 … just before I was born, when life (it seemed) was less complicated (with less paid holiday) in village life where lino stayed on the floor!2015-09-18 07.30.30


Image from Life in a village : sixteen lithographs by Edward Bawden penguin Books 1949


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