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Wednesday’s woman …

September 9, 2015


At a recent art class we discussed the way in which an artist uses the background contribute to the story.  From what might be insignificant utensils tossed aside when the user is disturbed or as she  finished her task.   

This, the Workbox by Olga Rozanova is a perfect example; it poses so many questions.What was she making, who or what disturbed her?

I grabbed this from the internet; the image in my book Amazons of the avant-garde is in black and white and not so useful.

Olga Rozanova (1886 – 1918) was a noted Russian Artist, in her short life made contributions to Neo-primitivism,  suprematism and cubo-futurist movement.  Her series of paintings in the playing cards series are worth a look.  

At the moment, I am reading Mrs Dallaway by Virginia Woolf, and the protagonist is disturbed, while sewing,  by a visitor, I wonder if this bears any resemblance to that scene.  It would have happened at about the same time (early in the 20th century) only on the other side of world.  

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  1. Laura Bloomsbury permalink
    September 9, 2015 10:13 am

    I learn so much from these posts – thank you. p.s. have just finished ‘The Lighthouse’ as well as book of Woolf’s short stories

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