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Saturday …

August 29, 2015

For sometime now I have been without an art teacher. The ‘withoutness’ was planned; I had known for a few months that my teacher would be moving out of the area.  For the most part I looked forward to beginning a new phase and I still do. I had lots of things planned and those continue joyfully.  The summer is still here and there opportunities to come, I hope.  

However, the loss of my teacher and friend has left a gulf that is still a bit sour, not soothed by the above mentioned activities. I will never replace my buddy, she was an angel when I needed her most.  Now, perhaps I don’t ‘need’ anyone quite so much.  Nonetheless, on a day as I try to be an artist and it doesn’t seem so attainable I celebrate the space to begin again.  

2015-08-29 07.57.12

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