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Weekly Photo Challenge … A good day

August 25, 2015


2015-07-24 16.42.14What a difficult prompt.  On a good day I can look back and reflect on many fine examples to entertain you. Then, if the mood is different then my recollections are tainted and less attractive.  So the result is dependent on the fullness of the cup.

Then there are the days not captured on film and why should they be, even taking the snapshot spoils the moment.  

I love my work,  so a good day for me is just being at work.  Likewise, a perfect day might be spent ‘spring cleaning’ not anything worth documenting, the joy is felt, it is not measurable in a picture.  I love spending a day with my family catching up with the news, eating drinking  all makes a fine image ; I have albums full of them going back to the last millennium  ;  for me and my siblings who are in their 60s and 70s, family snaps don’t have the same appeal. My grandchildren with whom I spend many happy days are like a bucket of frogs when the camera comes out.  Yes, I know the best images are those captured as the frogs are leaping! 

So you will have to take my word for it I do have had my fair share of good days.  

I suppose holiday photos taken during my recent stay in Rio are a fine example of a good times. And one such day was one I spent with my daughter climbing on my hand and knees up Sugar Loaf. It was very steep and to bring out a camera would not have been sensible and worse as we slid back down.  Nonetheless the view from the top was worth the climb but again it was feeling that was better.  We were sweaty adventurers beside those who had come up by cable car.

So the image is a bit of a cop out and the story compared to others a bit of a damp squib!  

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  1. August 25, 2015 11:59 am

    Lovely photo!

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