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Wednesday’s Engraver

July 15, 2015

On Wednesdays I usually spout about some woman of note but not without endless resources. Here in Brazil while I am able to access much, it is in Portuguese. Also, and more important I promised myself a relaxed attitude to my daily post … especially in a environment where I am not used to being without internet at all moments of the day. So this morning when there was a lapse in the so far very good internet connection … I was a little impatient with the providers of my immediate good fortune … for which I apologise !

However, this space gave me an opportunity to look more closely at A gravura Brasileira na coleção Monica e George Kornis a catalogue of an exhibition in Rio during 2007 and two engravings that took my eye by  Yolanda Mohaly (1909-1978) of whom I know nothing … I situation I plan to rectify

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