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One Monday …

July 13, 2015

One outing on a Sunday afternoon we enjoy each time that we come to Rio de Janeiro is the walk from Leme where my daughter lives to Ipanema. It is about 6 kilometres and with a pit stop takes about an hour to stroll. It is carefully timed so that at the end we can celebrate with thousands of others as the sun goes down with a round of applause.

The walk along the esplanade above the beach,  for Sunday only extends into the road as it is closed to traffic.

Instead, there is a jam of human traffic, on foot, skateboards, buggies, pedalos, bikes and more  none without a dogs of every shape and size  … to music!.

I grumble a little, as a Brit who likes a bit of order on the beach, road and the space in between, when  in Copacabana while the cars are away the cariocas play  without a care!

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