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Friday’s snapshot from a Museum

July 10, 2015

where the rain forest creeps in …

This week I have, as you know been in Rio de Janeiro and away from from the library unable to bring you a library snapshot.

Not a disaster, for sure, as there are plenty of other delights to record while here on holiday.

Nonetheless  would like to keep to the library or museum theme if I can.

This week we visited the Museu Casa do Pontal described as being ‘o mundo da arte popular brasileira’  a lovely museum in a beautiful location outside the city centre; a good 2 hours on public transport.  So the journey itself was wonderful.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photographs, but in some respects that may taken away some of the pleasure. I did buy a book (in Portuguese) so I will be able to ‘dine out’ on that when I return .

Meanwhile a couple of snapshots …


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