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On Monday …

July 6, 2015

Arrived in Rio on time if not a little earlier than hoped to a joyous welcome.  Although was the weather was unexpectedly cold; all is well and happy!

It is good to see the ‘children’ almost fully recovered from the accident and no longer on crutches.  However ; for my son-in-law the long recovery, loss of earnings and 18 months unable to work has been difficult and psychologically crushing. So while he has kept busy, even published a book of short stories and as we say in England ‘kept up appearances ’

They have received compensation for the accident, that met some of the costs incurred and and some loss of income sadly, the damage done over and above will perhaps never be addressed. So he is left wondering how he can return to work and his profession (or any job) that had barely started as a recently recently graduated Social Worker, enter into the social and local economy that is vital to any man or woman without having to count the pennies or begging/asking for help.

I don’t pretend our visit will end or their troubles in some respects it might make make the situation worse. Although we are family, and our contribution to their well being is totally unconditioned, we still live in a culture where the man is seen to be strong and the provider.

So while I didn’t for this to be a supplication;  it has become a wish  that we look at the homeless people on the streets and there are more and more each day and wonder what caused their misfortune ; and why asking for help is considered unworthy and a sign of weakness … and worse begging!

So back to my stay in Rio and with the street theme .. I note that the street art in Babilonia has grown. For a while we had some ‘cleansed’ and corporate images to celebrate the Olympics; these have now faded or been ‘replaced’ …




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  1. Yesim permalink
    July 6, 2015 7:13 pm

    Glad you arrived safely! Have a nice stay and enjoy your daughter and son in law!


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