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At the weekend …

June 22, 2015


For the last few years I have been having treatment for depression and complicated grief and art lessons. ‘They’ are not connected; the art is not part of the therapy; although sometimes the lessons feels like the cause of some of the anxiety.

However, the therapy has been largely successful; as a result my art and lessons have become less painful and more productive.

This weekend I attended a silk screen printing class; as usual the other students were artists in other genres and me,  it seemed not proficient at much except turning up to try hard.

So with my fear and doubt bubbling up and my cup of tea nearby, I struggled. Even after an hour; I was still in panic, like a school girl new in school.  My tools of depression began to fail …

I am not sure when I turned the corner; maybe after the second cup of tea; but I did.

I have been assured that this adrenaline rush is usually a healthy experience and rewarded with a work of art …

So on reflection maybe it wasn’t such a bad lesson and I will look forward to more classes later in the year.


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  1. Laura Bloomsbury permalink
    June 22, 2015 9:41 am

    the colours suggest more balance to mood too but besides that I really like the outcome – you have courage and ability –

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