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Wednesday’s wood engraver …

June 17, 2015


Wednesday, a the day I usually champion a woman and often a wood engraver, I have been doing it for months and it seems like I have come to the end of the road. Which it is shame because ‘researching’ on Tuesday evening with a cup of tea had become a joyous habit. I would upturn up the bookcase labelled ‘wood engraving’ and search for a new name or an appealing image.

Last night I didn’t quite find what I was looking for, but these by an Italian printmaker called Benvenuto Disertori (1887-1969) are just so lovely.

The dormitory, an illustration from one of the stories in the Decameron with simple and uniform lines, yet so comforting as the cat looks on too!  

The Musa del la Loreto is described in the Art of the woodcut : masterworks of the 1920s by Malcolm Salaman as a ‘rhythmical design that seems to have created itself on the wood, so spontaneous is the impression’ and he is right.

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