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At the weekend I learned …

June 15, 2015

A couple of times during the last few months I have had the opportunity to see mono-printing in action. Notwithstanding, some YouTube videos of course, but I do find these a little like Blue Peter (here’s one I did earlier.that bears no resemblance to the one in hand), or  Paul Daniels-esque (he is a magician)  for their own good. Also, as I use lino and wood at the moment, it is enough to be learning that with the drawing, painting and use of colour. So it all seemed a bit too much.  

However, mono-printing and in fact ‘other’ print methods have become more attractive lately, so I decided this Saturday to learn a bit about the ‘rules’ and methods from an expert (s).

So for the next 4 hours, I learned about the different papers, inks, the need for a press or not, the reasons and requirement of wetting the paper and much more. In an open access environment and with other experts there were some conflicting ideas and of course some playful deviations.

Nonetheless; if not a little overwhelmed I am now well equipped to practice at home; if only I find the time!

It was lovely and a learning experience I had enjoyed 50 years before!

This little works made on Saturday will be today overprinted … or just kept as a precious reminder!

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