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On Saturday … complicated or not?

June 6, 2015

I am between art teachers; my previous teacher is moving house and her studio, that has been my haven and lesson space for two years, is now removed. I have found a new teacher but our ‘lessons’ will not begin until later in the year.  This change was expected and gone according to plan; had it not been for the move I would have found a new teacher at some point.  So the the break is for the best.  However, as you know I do have a complicated psychological disorder that does that manifests in various and painful ways.

‘Management’ is required, so some sort of balance can be maintained  between abject self-pity and self-congratulatory bull-shit. For the most part this happens and I have good and healthy lifestyle and commendable results.  

However, this morning I am inclined to the negative end of the spectrum and speculate: ‘Why me? Why is life so complicated?’

So here I am, the bright sun rising over the chimney pots, my neighbours beginning their day, looking at this week’s works with printing ink and stencils and some with oil paints.  Methods and /or mediums I have not used before.  I am pleased with the results but the drying time has been a little tedious.   But I am thinking; ‘Has that been such a bad thing?’

The procedure has be meditative and pleasant, a good outcome all round especially as I began to write this blog post  the world was seemingly so complicated … Thank you for listening.


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