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A request from the Library …

May 29, 2015
The frog for Hilaire Belloc's The bad child's book of beasts by Pat Jaffe

The frog for Hilaire Belloc’s The bad child’s book of beasts by Pat Jaffe

This week I posted an image of a wood engraving by Patricia Jaffe.  It was from a back dated journal of the Society of Wood Engravers; Multiples. It was, I believe an illustration in a book by Hilaire Belloc called the Bad child’s book of beasts; I hoped to find a copy, if not in the library. somewhere; but I hit a brick wall. Does the book exist? I would like to find out.  There is at least one other edition with another illustrator … but if the frog is anything to go but this one will be lovely!

So, no snapshot this week just a request and a frog by Patricia Jaffe from Multiples dated late 1980s.

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  1. May 29, 2015 4:03 pm

    Will ask my librarian friend who specialises in children’s books

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