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Weekly photo challenge … Broken

May 26, 2015

Broken was not a reason …

We live in a throw-away culture; items are discarded for a multitude of reasons and broken is not on the list.  Things are binned (recycled) when the wrong size, colour, shape and even usefulness is considered long before ‘it’ becomes broken.  

I come from a generation who finds this attitude abhorrent. My father made a living by salvaging items to build and repair boats.  Wood, metal, engine parts, nuts, bolts, canvas sails and even upholstery fabrics, found about, bartered for or bought for a nominal price, sometimes left by the incoming tide, were put to good use. This was not unusual but necessary. My mother made our clothes from hand-me-downs and made good, those in need of repair, Bed linen and curtains made from most unlikely sources. She was able concoct meals; not perhaps wholly nutritious,  but enough to fill our bellies from simple ingredients using a battered primus stove and salvaged utensils.

I,  of course am the last to blab on about the so called good old days … nor want to return to those days of rations and uncomfortable lack.

However, they have left an indelible mark, I am reluctant to throw away or discard items that have lost their usefulness or even broken. In fact I am likely to rescue unloved items from a skip or dustbin.  Some may call this shabby chic … perhaps merely shabby shabby but not not broken.

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  1. May 26, 2015 8:46 am

    I love your story, and can definitely relate. The waste of perfectly good things being thrown away for something newer, more fashionable, more trendy… it’s ridiculous. Your photos are cute, and oh so shabby chic! 😉

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