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Saturday and the week in the language of Emoji

May 23, 2015

It has been a good week, beginning on Sunday with a lovely afternoon in London in the locality of Soho Square. It was near perfect until we discovered our usual tea time haunt had upped the cost of its champagne by almost 30%! So we decided to decamp and after a stroll in the warm sunlight we found another bar that proved to be more suitable all round with more fairly priced sparkles. So we ended the afternoon in our usual pursuit of gossip and people watching. Such joy!

Monday, as reported was successful and I’m looking forward to playing with paints on Monday next.

The next day at work  I had a good session with my line manager and my Personal Development Review; now my workload is balanced with my new working hours.

So if I were to write this in the up and coming language of emoji it would look like this.  

images (1)

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