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Weekly Photo Challenge …. enveloped

May 19, 2015

I am not sure where this week’s photo challenge will go. We spend much of our lives enveloped, secure and comfortable. In the ideal world, we begin in our mother’s womb and in her care as we grow. We go to school, to be educated for employment the wider world. In our relationships we enjoy the safety of matrimony and parenthood.  

Sadly, this is not always a worldwide experience;here is the west we do grumble about our lack and discomfort; but as individuals we are able to choose and enjoy enormous freedoms to adventure beyond our envelopes often successfully sometimes painfully.  

I have dropped in and out of my envelope with mixed results.  

At the moment, I am in a position to choose the way forward, no longer a hands-on parent and looking forward to being unemployed ; not imminently if my boss is reading.  I am in loving relationship; it is good to think my envelope is not sealed.  

My image (s) are the result of a playing art session yesterday.  I attended a workshop on Saturday where we were encouraged to play with the materials and create some impromptu  prints.  

I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the concept as described before; so spent the day grumbling about my confines!

Fortunately, the feeling didn’t last and Monday I was able to backtrack to experiment and play.  I am delighted with the results; nothing complete but  lots of opportunities to play more.

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