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Its Saturday …

May 16, 2015

So, Saturday is here again;I am attending another Open Studio event this time at OpenHand OpenSpace at Brock Keep, here in Reading. I am not sure what to expect the workshop is called  “Lines and Forms from


While this concerns me a little,  it is the premises themselves  that worry me.  I have been there several times and it is a fine building, in a prison sort of way; but it is cold even on a summer’s day the protective walls do not allow the sun to penetrate; it is of course difficult and costly to heat such a place.  I know that in time I  will become acclimatised and not notice my  icy breath.  I will be start to apply the layers and pack my tea that is always comforting on such occasions soon.  

The subject matter is very intriguing.  I worked high in the Andalucian mountains in a voluntary capacity for a little over 6 years, so the area is familiar.  I liked it very much, so much so that I hoped to retire there  and and fulfil my retirement as a librarian in a Buddhist retreat.     This didn’t happen  not only was it not financially viable, the direction of my devotion turned to the Americas.  

Nonetheless, Andalucia still holds a place in my heart so the class will be lovely … if not as warm as I would like.  

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