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A snapshot from my library …

May 1, 2015

From my library again, a book called Vertentes e evolução da literatura de cordel  Aspects and evolution of string literature by Gonçalo Ferreira da Silva.  I developed a love for these books when I first went to Brazil and having learned about  Chapbooks in our library here at Reading.  We no longer read Chapbooks ; popular in the 18th century, they have become ‘rare’  but in Brazil they are still commonplace and enjoyed as much as ever.

I was hoping to be able to learn to read some of my collection before returning this year but time has run away with in inclination to get out the grammar book!

Nonetheless, I will return again to  Mr Silva’s printing  and publishing works in Saint Teresa  in a few weeks where I will enjoy a polite conversation in English …. Shame on me!

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  1. Colin Westhrop permalink
    May 1, 2015 11:52 am

    Loved the photo and the woodcuts!

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