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Monday …

April 27, 2015

A couple of nice things … first after weeks of agonising over the content of my portfolio for an application to be a member of a local art guild it has been decided and my little walnut tree has a leaf. So for the moment all is well with the world.

For several months I have been working hard on producing all sorts of works in a hope that at least one would be a good example of my artistry.  I want to be recognised as an artist and able to exhibit in local shows.  So the pile of potential grew and with my self doubt.

However, this weekend after much deliberation and some help six pieces have been selected to be mounted and framed and I am happy.  

Strangely and almost more important the little walnut sapling that didn’t show much promise at the end of last year has rallied and has new growth … such joy!

2015-04-27 07.39.01

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