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On Saturday …

April 18, 2015


This week has been good if not a little overwhelming and I don’t know where to begin.  I have been invited to write two blog posts although is a potential article for a journal. My CV and letter is all but ready to present to an art guild but the 6 works are not yet ready.  It is still difficult to believe even after writing the curriculum vitae I am still not convinced I have what it takes to show my work.  

A month or so ago I did a couple of short courses on drawing and printmaking.  Although I have had ‘lessons’ and been practicing for a couple of years it was good to have the encouragement of two professionals and the candid feedback.  

Today is the exhibition of the resultant works; I have been helping to organise the show in our local gallery; it feels likes more like performing art with the frills, drama and butterflies. Not exactly what I was expecting but nonetheless a joy!

With thanks to the joy-ness provider!

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