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On Monday I will …

April 6, 2015



It is Monday, yesterday I wrote my curriculum vitae; a story of my life in relation to my career as an artist which has been only a dream since 1966 and not yet seriously materialised.  So you can imagine it took several hours and if the Art Group accounts for determination and getting blood out of a stone, I am in with chance.

So, today I am thinking about the artist’s letter of intent, again this will need some serious consideration and copious cups of tea.  I forgot to mention tea is also vital in the cv writing exercise.

So, by way of light relief and while the kettle boils I look back at lino cuts made early in my career as a print maker  which happened before the thought of ‘being’ an artist had occurred and coincided with my first trip to Brazil.

In Rio I was overcome by the colour, shapes and visual delights that lend themselves to the cameraman, artist and mere onlooker in liberal abandon. So for the first time since the 1960 I began to draw the things around me, as my dear dad had encouraged all those years before. It was not long before I was making very pleasant marks and the habit has remained; pencil and pad with my camera are never too far away!

This little image is the result of an hour under the palms on Copacabana … pencil in one hand and an ice cold coca and a straw in the other.


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