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March 30, 2015

I began my printmaking journey some years ago when I discovered the work of Peter Hay. I was struck by his intricate (and not so) designs made from prints engraved in erasers from W.H. Smiths with a craft knife; not just his illustrations but the stories they told. I attempted to ‘copy’ him,  but my works, paled into insignificance or better, perhaps told a different story?

I did continue making pictures, illustrated a couple of books (not published) and even designed a published book cover. I have progressed, and now use lino, wood and tried other printing methods with mixed results.  

But Peter with his illustrated message often dark and sometimes joyful, holds a torch for me, blinking and encouraging ….

So when the Two Rivers Press recently held a sale of his work I was in the queue. He was a gifted fine artist,so the display was varied, very wonderful and would grace any wall or gallery.  I have neither, my tiny home heaves and to find a space a shoe horn is required.

I was looking for something particular and small; I was not disappointed.

While they are not signed or even finished; I had them framed and delighted Thanks Peter!


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