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Saturday and the Peace Puzzle Project …

March 28, 2015

2015-03-26 06.59.29

About a month ago I received a wood block in the post from Maria Arango Diener. Before that I had donated 45  dollars to a charity that is hoping to raise funds to make a huge 1000 piece Peace Puzzle.

All the applicants  over the world have received their pieces and will engrave an image that represents the word ‘Peace’ So in time the pieces will be sent back and the puzzle complete and a print made and a book published.

I thought long and hard about my ‘picture’ because Peace is a big word with many meanings.  Not just a peaceful scene that we might see and feel in our gardens, parks and countryside; but the direct opposite to war, conflict and adversity!

There are many children in this world who rarely experience peace not even in their beds at night.  They and their families fight for peace with every living breath.

I live in a country where we have enjoyed peace for a long time; but our children, while safe need to be educated and be aware of the big picture.

In the 1990s my youngest child went on a demonstration in London to march against a war in Afghanistan.  It was a massive rally and she wore a ‘T’ shirt designed and made by a colleague in the Library, bearing a peace sign. Her DMs not black like a soldier might wear but bright blue and dotted with red flowers. She and thousands more marched that day singing songs of peace and hope. While they didn’t win that day; we did go to war; the experience instilled in her a mistrust of authority and the need to continue marching for active, long lasting peace that we take so much for granted.   

I hope my tiny investment in the project will go some way to raise awareness and promote the need for peace and peaceful action against adversity not with more weapons but pictures.


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