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Last Week I …

March 23, 2015

Last week I found myself helping to set up an art exhibition at the Old Fire Station in Henley. I recently joined the Reading Guild of Artists; with a hope that one day I might show my work in one of their regular exhibitions in the town.

Thus  far, this has remained my best kept secret and precious dream.  Although, I work stealthily at home, at regular workshops and classes, I don’t feel ready yet to do the deadly deed.  Little did I know while I remain in the closet there are many others who use the facilities and support of the RGA fully. They rely on the council, officers and other members to put on the show!

So I somehow got happily volunteered to help do this.  

On Wednesday evening, the would be exhibits were delivered to the gallery where they were balloted in and out of the gallery. After the jury have secretly voted, so the works were prepared for the next days hanging.  

So Thursday was spent, between tea breaks ; up and down ladders ensuring each piece was strategically placed. Measures  were carefully taken so each piece worked kindly with its neighbours.  I did not realise the physical work and political endeavour involved with the making of a show.  Not to mention all the other wizardry involved being an artist such as colour theory, perspective etc. 

While each piece was a work of art;  the finished display was a masterpiece.  

To play a part in this, may not at first seem creative or even artistic, it was indeed hard work but a wonderful experience and I will do it again.  

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