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March 22, 2015

On Silent Sunday I reblog this cos it says what I need to say.


I’m responsible for my choice of what I say, but not for what you understand e.g.

iSo, if I go left down the narrow track, then I have made the correct choice; also if I go right on the main road or the little path alongside someone else’s main road, then too I have made the correct choice; when I stand my ground on this very spot, this too is correct for me at the time; then again, if I go back it’s correct; or maybe into the wide blue yonder, letting grass grow under my feet, it’s still correct for me, because yes the heart pumps passion, and yes the head has knowledge and wisdom, and woohoo for the mind has dance to give to the body if it is willing and able, but choice has the ace up the sleeve with the [Compassion] card.  So, wherever I find myself…

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