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Last week I …

March 16, 2015


I began this piece at my printmaking class last week. It is my first attempt at wood cutting since I was in Brazil last year, when I cut into an ‘old bit of plywood’ Since, I have tried a some experimenting; but in the safe confines of a classroom I began ‘wood cutting’.

It really is a step up from a mark making exercise.  So, rather than making little squares of different engravings, I have tried to make significant shapes with a bit of depth and colour.

Perhaps I was a bit over optimistic and chucked in too much in one go and this hasn’t worked entirely.

However, I am in a position to see which was effective or not.  

For instance, I need to decide, when making shapes, which should be defined by the negative shape or visa versa; this was a bit hit and miss and the result, muddy in some areas.

Also, some of the tool marks are heavy and ugly and others scratchy and equally unpleasant. I suppose, these marks with ‘practice’ will soon have the controlled but spontaneous look (or visa versa)

Then, adding colour, chine colle didn’t work but there is hope in collage ; but before, a I need a bit more intervention of the professional kind.  

While I am happy with this ‘work in the long process of progress’ I will be pleased to start another and learn some more lessons.  


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