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Wednesday counting down gently to my trip!

March 11, 2015

In a few months time I will be going to Brazil, it will be my third visit.  On previous visits we have explored art galleries and museums for examples of Brazilian art.  I have collected a few books and hand bills relating to those who have taken my fancy.  I am not able to read Portuguese so I apologise now for any untruths I have recorded in my bid to share some notable printmakers.

Carlos Scliar (1920 – 2001 ) was a Brazilian printmaker, painter, illustrator, set designer, graphic designer and writer. He exhibited his work in Brazil and internationally with much success throughout his busy life.  As social activist he engaged in various movements and produced posters, illustrated books and journals.  While he was an engraver by choice he fell in love with with screen printing. It would seem Carlos was innovative and always on the look out for new techniques and materials, from tempera to acrylics, from painting murals to graphic arts.      

These examples are lino cuts and lithographs … correct me if I am wrong …


Images from Poetica da resistencia aspectos da gravura Brasileira 1994

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