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Weekly Photo Challenge … Reward

March 3, 2015

This is a difficult challenge, first it is difficult to measure reward,  either that we give or that we or receive and, second illustrating it.  I, for instance practice and enjoy good manners, but do not expect reward in return.  I work hard but do not expect more than a fair salary, the reward is personal satisfaction in a job well.  Being a parent is a pit of reward, unrequited and full blown reward that cannot be measured or recorded.   

Also, reward is for over and above the call of duty and I don’t think this is celebrated in the way is should be.  We live in a culture of horror, abuse and blame those who address it are often overly celebrated and frequently overpaid. While, those who care for the poor and vulnerable daily, deserved of reward and reasonable income are ignored.

On a personal level, reward is rarely acknowledged, we are far more likely to reprimand ourselves for a small job undone or badly than reward ourselves for a wonderful achievement. I come from a generation who did not encourage a self- congratulatory spirit, boasting was unseemly, and big head was degraded.  

So, some of us have become overly self-effacing and  self -harming.  It was only recently when I wanted to address my place in this world of blame and low self worth, to celebrate small and pleasing events not just self praise but real rewards … cake, tea, new frock, a day(s) of learning etc. So, reward, reward,  we cannot get enough.  Lets do it for ourselves and each other.  

However, I still have a dilemma; how do I illustrate reward? This hellebore in my garden this morning is reward enough …. Thank You  

2015-03-02 12.57.47

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