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Friday’s Library Snapshot

February 20, 2015

Life in Special Collections is always in a state of flux. We always have balls in the air,  some days they do come down but not always as planned and in the same order.  This is not a complaint; of course there is order and good practices, but sometimes little collections that happen by bring a lovely interlude.  

Take the Charles Mozley Collection for instance it was part of the Printing Collection and also a gift from a previous librarian; and the result of an exhibition in the library that happened quite recently. Me,  and colleague have been working away at the books with their fine illustrations and design for a few months and the collection is beginning to take a pleasing shape. Here are some images that took my eye.  



From A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens ; illustrated by Charles Mozley.

At the back of the North Wind by George Macdonald ; with illustrations by Charles Mozley.

Building the evolution of an industry  by P. Morton Shand ; with drawings by Charles Mozley.

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