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Friday’s Snapshot from the Library

February 13, 2015

While researching more closely for images by and information about Averil Mackenzie-Grieve I came across The Saturday Book. Number 11, one of a  miscellany published each year from 1941-1975.

The Saturday Book provided literary and artistic commentary about life in Britain during the Second World War and after.

It covered the arts, including the performing arts. contributors, such as John Arlott, Averil Mackenzi-Grieve, Allison Uttley, Edward Arrizzone, H.E. Bates and more, published poems, essays, short stories and images.

According to Wikipedia ‘The very first volume totalled 444 pages, but, with paper in short supply, the length of the second was slashed to 274 pages. From the third to the 24th volumes the number fluctuated between 288 and 304 pages, but the remaining ten ran to no more than 256 pages each, with the last one dropping to 240 pages’

It doesn’t look as if we have every issue here at the University of Reading and those we have are doted about the different collections. It would be good to at least link them a little more usefully  and perhaps ensure the contents notes are added to each item.  I would guess that there are many notable authors, poets and artists and more important some lesser known persons that deserve some recognition. I feel a few more blog posts coming on and perhaps some filling of empty spaces.  


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  1. February 13, 2015 12:19 pm

    Amazing woodcuts

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