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Weekly Photo Challenge … Depth!

February 3, 2015

This week’s photo challenge is challenging for me.  I don’t live near a deep ocean or on the side of a mountain.  I don’t have any profound thoughts to share at the moment.  

So here clutching straws and remembering my first lesson as an artist a couple of years back and the theory of colour.  Until then I thought all I required was paintbox, brush and paper. Instead I need only the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue; to create the secondary and tertiary colours as well as complementary and harmonious colour juxtapositions. 

It would seem the relative chroma (saturation, depth or intensity) of secondary and tertiary mixes is a measure of their purity or brightness and the quality of the primary colours used to create them.

So here I am deep in the theory of choosing and mixing colours … I told you I was challenged!

2015-02-02 14.35.12

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