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‘Reasons to be cheerful’ and love to them!

January 31, 2015

Reasons to be cheerful; I have many. My life is 99.9% recurring,  good.  I have no reason to complain , but I  do,100%, when the other .01% happens!

Yes, one could argue that those .01%s add up and seem like a lot of grief, loss and turmoil. Yet at any one moment life is good.  So while I cannot  undo those harsh feelings or make things better; I can remind myself that for the most part the pendulum hangs pretty much half way and for that I am truly grateful.  

However, there is a reason to more cheerful; the pendulum swung over to 100% when the Christmas parcel arrived albeit so late with joy to Morro Babilonia.  

All is well again, except my homework is to be done. For one class  I am collecting ‘stuff’ for mixed media and the other is daily drawing on brown  kraft paper or or me, brown paper bags. .  Somehow I think  they might become a bit confused and cause some distraction. Whether happily or not only time will tell …

Meanwhile love to my other reasons to be cheerful.  

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