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Woman Wood Engraver on Wednesday … Helen Lock

January 28, 2015

I am in awe of artists who can paint, draw or engrave flowers; not just blossom but those with particular names, such as a rose, lily, carnation or even those I cannot name.  I was suitably impressed when I saw this wood engraved Hellebore by Helen Lock.

I have them in the garden even though there have large open faces, they turn them away under rather overwhelming foliage.  So even if I could see them I could do them no favours with my pencil.

I know nothing of Helen Lock (1884-1967) but understand she was best known as water-colourist and studied at the Westminster School of Art and exhibited at the Royal Academy.  

As a wood engraver she came to the attention of Stanley Lawrence after her death in 1967, when he was offered some of her blocks for sale.  While some were unused and  others were engraved, he bought these in particular in a bid to publicise her talents as wide as possible and establish her reputation posthumously.  

Patricia Jaffe in her book Women Engravers says that Helen Lock may stand for unknown women engravers. She goes on to say women in the 19th and 20th century who learned the craft mostly remained unknown and yet to be discovered … I hope so!

Further Reading Women Engravers by Patricia Jaffe 

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  1. January 28, 2015 10:15 am

    Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing.

  2. January 28, 2015 4:13 pm

    wonderful work

  3. Bill Tacklaberry-Storey permalink
    January 31, 2015 8:49 pm

    Superb – and timely! We’ve just moved into a new house and Helen Lock has enabled me to identify the mysterious plant flowering outside the kitchen window. It’s a hellebore!
    To think, some people diss art “because it’s of no practical value”….
    Thanks for the introduction to yet another underrated engraver.

    • February 1, 2015 7:57 am

      Thank you for you visit and kind comment. The Hellebore is often called the Lenten Rose … I have them in my garden and feature today in my Silent Sunday … but like I say they are a little un- photogenic

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