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January 26, 2015

2015-01-25 11.54.44

Christmas was a bit of a washout for us this year.  Not only was my beloved youngest daughter not nearby, but our Christmas gifts going in both directions failed to arrive in time.  While some have not yet arrived; one failed to leave our shores for some unknown reason.  I have for a while felt a little aggrieved.

However, this week several weeks late, a Christmas card, dated 8th December 2014, from Brazil, with lots of good wishes did drop through our letter box.  

It did not fail to delight, especially as it did mean I could start my yearly ritual.  I have cork boards dotted through the house.  They are emptied on old years day and filled thereafter with ephemera and trinkets by way of memory, aide memoire  and celebration.  

So with this new addition the old year and its regrets have gone … let the new year begin.  

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