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Saturday … for a bit of nature and play please

January 17, 2015

2015-01-17 08.46.21

It is Saturday,there is no snow but a light frost as I look out across the rooftops and a patch of clear blue sky and sunlight; lovely.  

I peer at my garden through slitty eyes like artists do ( and me without my spectacles) and try to absorb the shapes and colours of nature and wait a while for the robin who regularly at this time comes to the bath and table.

Today, I will be at art class and doing ‘stuff’ in the style of Mark Hearld, he knows nature and birds, I will have to blag a bit because I know nothing.  While I have not studied art for long I have stayed with subject matter I am comfortable with like the containers that surround my desk, but predominantly tea pots and cups and my beloved bike, who doesn’t live by my desk, but is a trusty companion. A week or two ago I tried life drawing, this was a little to difficult for me at the moment.  

So here I am thinking about today’s subject matter;  it is a little alien but I think I can warm to it. It is the materials that are a little daunting.  I have so far used erasers, lino and wood for my prints; today these are put to one side and we will be using alternatives with a suggestion of ‘play’  Like I have said before I have not played at art since 1966 even then we were looked over by a teacher and a cane!

So today, I ask the one brings good fortune to artists and all beings for  the sense of nature and fun!

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