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Monday and last week …

January 12, 2015

2015-01-12 09.45.33

Last week I was sent a gift from a virtual friend on Facebook.  

We are a group of ‘friends’ aka Studio Pen-pals who aspire to being artistically creative, we don’t not share too much virtually but from time to time send each other a gift of encouragement in the ‘snail mail’. 

As artists we are often without motivation and inspiration  so a little gift, such as a coloured pencil, a skein of embroidery silk paper or stylist note pad might be all it takes to set the ball rolling again.  

While the procedure is monthly the content is usually random.  I received a very generous bundle of gifts, but one of them was particularly pleasing and it will sit on my desk with my other angels.  It represents my very first creative venture.  As a little girl of 6 years old, my dad made me a knitting doll; with a cotton reel, 4 nails, a toothpick and length of wool I began to knit.

I don’t knit as I used to but this little girl will give me the opportunity to play and feel the joy of a child when being an artist is just a bit too grown up!

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