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Saturday and a question …

January 10, 2015

Saturday’s blog post  and a question; but first I set the scene.  I am a print maker and a tea drinker, pretty much of equal measure. Tea in one hand and a graver in the other; I know this is not always a sensible combination, so sometimes one or the other is at a lose.

So, it not surprising that the subject matter almost without exceptions is pretty much tea. My other love is my push bike and that too has  safety risks when attempted at the same time!

I digress, I do like to feature tea and its accoutrements in my work … and the question. How does a tea strainer lend itself to the art of printmaking, particularly with lino but later in wood?

I have looked and looked at the delicate mesh and sketched it endlessly but remain  wondering  … how is it done?

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