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Weekly Photo challenge … New

January 6, 2015

Each day I write a journal ; I started three years ago when I began another round treatment for my depression.  Writing,  three pages a day, words that record  my daily mood and behavior pattern.  I rarely read it afterwards but if I dare to unravel the awful handwriting it expounds self-pitying twaddle or self-congratulatory claptrap; enough to make a reader depressed!

Sometimes on a lucid day my words develop into a blog post; this is how I am with this week’s photo challenge.  While I cannot evoke an image yet the word ‘new’ resonates strongly.

Probably because I am relatively old in years but feel and look young. I enjoy contemporary music and the challenges of modern life.  I work with rare and elderly books, yet use modern technology. I am happy with well worn and comfortable clothes yet delight in fashionable accessories. I use tried and tested cosmetics and always look forward to new lipstick.  I glance back at my last year’s diary heaving and bursting with richness and the new one slim and trim waiting to be filled.  I have some old gravers that have seen 50 years or more in old and withered hands. Mine, shiny and ready to give me hope as a future printmaker.  

I could list ad infinitum  the joy of the old and the power of the new; but how do I illustrate my life and its old and new paradoxes?

A recent acquisition, a pencil sharpener.  My dad, dead now 20 years would throw his hands up in despair!  His old razor sharp chisel was his tool to bring a fine point to a blunt pencil.  While I struggled I never quite got the hang of it.

This little joy of newness fits the bill.  

2015-01-05 10.20.56



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