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Last week I learned …

January 5, 2015


At the end of last year I began a little (?) exercise.  I bought a new press and it seemed like the right time to have a thoughtful look at my methods.  While I could have undertaken it while using a barren it would have taken longer and become tedious.  

So, I began with reduction prints using oil based and safe wash ink and Zekhall paper. First making a reduction board from the back of a drawing book.  

While using the Wash Safe ink the drying time was much quicker and the cleaning process a little easier. The oil based ink perhaps has a better finish.

The problem I had was more general and to do with the mixing the colours to get a pleasing result was a little hit and miss. Often, missing completely and wasting ink.

While I found reduction a little challenging at first; once I learned the rules, the results were pleasing even if they did go a little awry at times.  

So, I am left with some skeletons of the original reduction that will lend themselves to other works, like, perhaps mixed media or chine colle? I have tried both, with poor results; the former was a little too busy and the latter a gluey mess!

It is worth noting too that I made a reduction board and it did need replacing half way through the process.  I have learned that no size fits all but is vital to have a supply of board, close by to make a quick replacement.

My art teacher suggests when looking a a finished work that I consider the 3  ‘Fs’

Fact … Lino cut reduction using new press, oil based ink and Wash Safe ink.

Feeling … I am pleased!

Future … Lessons in ink mixing, Chine colle and mixed media

A successful exercise!

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