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Weekly Photo Challenge … Yellow

December 23, 2014

Until now yellow,  the colour of the sun, the bringer of light and warmth, has been my least favourite colour.  It doesn’t suit me to much.

It was with grey, the colour of my youngest daughter’s school uniform. The school was not strict in its design or even the way it was worn; all important was its yellowness.  The children and I think the parents embraced this freedom ‘uniformly’ with shorts, frocks, shoes, socks, hats and leggings. Even now 20 years on, seeing the yellow throng going to school is a joyous sight!

Still, I didn’t consider the colour to well until I started to paint and I learned it was one on the primary colours.  No artist would begin to paint without a blob of process yellow along side the the red and blue on her palette.  

Then, there is the Brazilian Flag, another recent phenomenon in my life, is half yellow;  Rio is where a a little of my heart lives. I weep as I write, while we are separated this Christmas.

So yellow for me is a source of light, warmth, joy, creativity but also sadness.

This little chap is a souvenir from my beloved St Teresa bought during my first visit to Rio.Its very sight can make or break me; for the next day or two it will be the latter.


2014-12-22 10.41.34

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