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Friday’s Library snapshot …

December 12, 2014

Soon it will be 24th December and that means work for Father Christmas. ” Blooming Christmas again,” he mutters as he gets out his nice warm bed … and so begins a most surprising and delightful Christmas story, for Raymond Briggs’s Father Christmas is a true original and not the usual stereotyped kindly white-haired old gentleman.

Briggs’s Father Christmas is certainly a kindly white-haired old gentleman, but he is so much more as well; he is inclined to be grumpy, he is very fond of a cup of tea, loves to sing in the shower and is in fact, the most thoroughly human and endearing Father Christmas imaginable.   His exploits are drawn in a series of strip pictures, filled with every detail and very funny, which occasionally erupt into full page spreads.

This is a picture book is to warm the heart of any humbug … young or old.  It is Raymond Briggs’s own affectionate tribute to a universally beloved character.

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  1. Alastair Savage permalink
    December 12, 2014 8:54 am

    I loved this when I read it as a kid. It was years ahead of its time because people didn’t really make graphic novels like this back then. I also love the affection he clearly feels for austerity Britain: you’d be very lucky to see a milkman today.

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