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This weekend …

December 1, 2014

… was good! I drove to Badger Press for a day lino-cut workshop, only down the motor-way in real terms, but in my mind ‘mission impossible’. Of course it was fine, I arrived save and sound, and early which was a bonus.  I was able to chat with Jo, the teacher and feel at home.  This was not difficult, as Jo was very welcoming and kind.  Also, I have been to Badger Press before a couple of times, so I was familiar with the surroundings.  Already I was happy, and also I was not the new girl.  I know about lino cutting, having done it for a year or so I am pretty competent at the basics.

However, I am  more than ready for the next stage which is threefold, I think: being more creative, perfecting the basics and allowing myself to be at home with my style.  The later being the most difficult.  Over the last few months I have been agonising over my works and looking at the  those of the professionals and then wondering why I am at odds and feeling always like the new girl!

So Saturday, I arrived feeling OK, explained to Jo where I was and what I need to know; bearing in mind there is always a way to improve or enlarge without doubting what I know already. ( I don’t know where that little lesson was learned)

Jo kindly said that due to the time constraints, what I had in mind was not practical for the rest of the class who were beginners in lino cutting. But, I could if I got cracking straightaway … learn Reduction, a method of lino cutting that would result is a 3 colour image.

I have tried this method at home with mixed results,  So,  while I am familiar with the procedure, having a hands on expert at my side (and she was thankfully all the way) ; off I went.

Considering the time allowed, even waiting for the ink to dry between each print, meant that I could not spend much time on the image and the cutting. So the little image has some imperfections but its reduction and three coloured -ness is lovely!




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