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Saturday’s journey

November 29, 2014


I post daily as you know and usually do not write the post until the day required; particularly on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday when I have more time.

I am writing Saturday’s on Friday; I am going to an Art Class and have to leave early in the morning.  This has not been a problem on previous weeks but this workshop is not reachable by public transport so I am driving myself.  I like driving, familiar with the route but it is a longish way and I am not keen to drive alone.  So already I am anxious! This is a shame as I have spent the last months in  various places, alone and a stranger,  even in Newcastle and the fear has not been so great.

Last year as an artist  I managed to produce a small exhibition of works for a couple of exhibitions. I was able mix with like minded people, make comparisons and get feedback.

Although, I was happy with my work and sold some pieces; there was room for improvement. If I wanted to show my work in other venues and thinking that the standard required might be higher; then perhaps I should  ‘go back to the drawing board.’ For the past year I have been studying hard and practicing new found skills.  

Tomorrow, I  am attending the last workshop of the year at Badger Press with Jo Morley and Linocuts. After many months of learning to be a better artist; if it works this heartache will a little price to pay!

I have used a Badger Press banner; I hope on Monday I will have a display of my own to show; after my journey afar!

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