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Wednesday’s Wood engraver …

November 26, 2014

I have been looking at these prints by Gillian Tyler in Patricia Jaffe’s book about Women Engravers  for a while, I know nothing of this engraver so I waited until I could find some information.  I was particularly drawn to them as they seemed to be less rigid than some engravings I have featured over previous weeks.  Patricia says, ‘ … rich… wild net of lines and finely contrasted textures … ‘ and she is right.  I think they are bold too.

Gillian Tyler (1935) was born in Baltimore, Maryland, wood engraver and painter; graduated from from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts ; which I understand is one of the oldest American colleges and still remains exclusively for women.

Gillian runs her own small Cricket Press  where she lives in Thetford, Vermont. I have no more information and would love to know more.  


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